Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gift Of Love

I got a little warm and fuzzy from Shazza and i want to pass it on to people who I think deserve this..The five lucky girls are

Lisa O

But know can you please pass it on to 4- 8 people.

Hope you like it. love Kylie

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wahoo Tayla received Student of the Week

Yeh Tayla struggles with her school work but always try's really hard and last week she obviously did a great effort as on parade this morning she was awarded Student of the Week..

That was fun...can we do it again??

Well Girls as you can see Kylie now has a blog!!! Woo Hoo congrats to her!!! See she really isn't as blonde as she leads us to believe!! I had such a blast helping Kylie get her blog up and running!
It was so much fun chatting to Kylie again and we laughed and laughed while I was trying to show her around!! She has a handle on it now, so hopefully I have created a blogging monster!!! Looking forward to your very next post! It better be more exciting than the first one LOL!!!

Here is the award I promised you, the "Gift of Love" Please pass it on to 4-8 of your friends....
Have fun with your new blog Kylie and I look forward to your next post! Luv Shaz xoxo

My first Post

Hello I have just set this blog up with HELP from a lovely friend..I will learn to do this as I go along..Hope you stick with me on this.